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Beach House Painting in Cape Cod: The Cape Cod vacation house shown in this painting is ideal for a beach vacation. What makes this house special, however, is the landscape. Through this painting, I wanted to emphasize the importance of the context of setting. Most of the painting is enveloped by warm, yellow-and-orange grassy field just beyond the house. The welcoming and cheerfulness often inspired by these colors is an aspect I felt needed to be captured in the painting. The brightness of the shimmering field enhances the cooler colors of green brush, cerulean blue sea and light blue sky. The house itself provides an important focus for the painting, it’s calm purple-grey exterior inviting visitors to come and enjoy the radiance of the surrounding Cape Cod landscape.  

Size: W 30" x H 40"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : City Art Gallery
Jose Jimenez