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Sunset Over Dunes: Painted from the bottom of a large sand dune, Sunset Over Dunes takes you from the heart of the beach to the atmosphere above. The painter’s perspective drifts up the statuesque yet pitted sand dune to the fresh green beach grass that grows sparse but consistently at its peak. Concealed by the dune is the setting sun, but the effects of the sunset linger in the air as we see bright yellow and pink clouds jetting into a pastel blue sky. The large gold frame surrounding the painting emphasizes the smallness that one would feel standing at the base of a sand dune, gazing towards the setting sun. Framed with a warm, golden sunset glow, this painting is designed to remind viewers of the magnificence of nature.  

Size: W 16" x H 12"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : ArtSource
Jose Jimenez