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Windy day on the dunes: Remnants of yellow light spills onto the canvas, highlighting the cotton candy-pink clouds above. Gradually, the sky fades into a cool blue as the wind blows across the dunes. Swaying deeply to the right, the beach grass curves and dips towards the sand as the wind gusts through the beach. Early evening on the beach allows a painting to be filled with color, from the near-pure white sand to the light-to-dark shades of green beach grass to the cerulean backdrop of the sky dashed with yellow and pink streaks of sunset. Windy day on the dunes is a painting that makes viewers long for the feel of sand under their toes, wind whipping through their hair, and hearing the waves rolling in the distance.

Size: W 40" x H 30"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy :
Jose Jimenez