Evening Workers

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Evening Workers: Evening Workers honors the labor of farm workers, whose diligence serves as the foundation for nourishment across the globe. Backs bent, the workers remain focused on the task at hand. I chose to portray the workers in a common yet uncomfortable stance to show a glimpse of the extent to which laborers toil, which often takes a physical toll on those who provide us with food. The stalks of wheat closest to the bottom of the portrait are distinguished as yellow, orange or green. As the field extends beyond the workers and covered by the shade of nearby trees, the complexion of crop blends into dark yellow, brown and green. The contrast of the distinctive stalks of wheat close up and fading in the background serves as a metaphor for how human understanding of what we see often hinges on proximity to the concept.  

Size: W 30" x H 22"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : Studio 91
Jose Jimenez