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UNC Old Well Painting: The Old Well, an historic landmark of UNC Chapel Hill, is also part of my personal history. Having been fortunate enough to call Chapel Hill home for several years, I truly enjoyed painting one of my favorite sights on the beautiful UNC campus. Once the main water source for UNC’s two oldest dormitories, the Old Well now serves as a decorative vestige that represents the blend of the historical aspect of the nation’s first public university with the thriving center of intellect that UNC remains today. My ideal view of the Old Well takes place in the springtime, with the flowers in full bloom and the full-bodied trees a luscious green. The hour is twilight, where the sky is darkened enough for the lamp posts to light, but still gives viewers the magnificence of the pink, white and green colors of the shrubbery surrounding the Carolina blue-and-white well. The UNC Old Well Painting allows us to see the campus from the view of the students, whose eyes weave throughout the trees and lights of campus to their bright future beyond.

Size: W 54" x H 28"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy :
Jose Jimenez