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UNC Old Well: My second portrait of the historic Old Well monument on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill portrays the landmark and surrounding scenery at dusk. The white and Carolina blue colors of the Old Well make the well stand out while the color tone contrasts the subdued hues of the vegetation and Upper quad beyond. With the darkened colors of the quad behind the Old Well, one can see illuminated street lamps that shine all the way to Franklin Street. Viewers can even glimpse a tiny segment of the Chapel Hill mecca, infamous for its shops, restaurants, Halloween celebrations, and rushes of students who crowd the street after the UNC men’s basketball team defeats rival Duke. While darkness might be falling around the Old Well, Chapel Hill stays lit at night, with some of it’s renown highlights just lighting up for the after-hours.  

Size: W 20" x H 6"
Medium: Oil On Board
Where to buy :
Jose Jimenez