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Early Morning: “Early Morning” is a painting that illustrates the feel of all the possibilities that come along with a brand new day. The golden hue of the marsh grass, gently stirring water of the marsh, and brighter lighting of the sand dunes and sky indicate a newness of time. The lighting of the “Early Morning” painting invoke thoughts of the potential of new beginnings, just as a young child sees the world as he or she begins to delve into their lives. The shape of the cloud in the painting is exquisite and is one that children could view and “find” different shapes within it. Since morning lighting is a unique and fleeting scene, I got a head start on the day to capture this particular lighting of the marsh and sand dunes. My goal is to illuminate the natural beauty of the coast in a way that helps viewers think of the peace and possibilities that come with an early morning, or new beginnings.


Size: W 40" x H 30"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : ArtSource
Jose Jimenez