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Foggy Morning: The landscape portrayed in the Foggy Morning painting is one that reminds me of the many astounding ways that nature shows itself to us through colors, shapes and patterns. Even with over a decade of experience painting landscapes, I remained amazed by the power of nature as I painted my viewpoint of a foggy morning in the marsh. The deep green marsh grass opened wide to allow a vast stream of water flow steadily out of the inlet and into the expansive ocean. Rolling purple mounds of forests in the distance created a line that separated the water from the sky. Mirroring the sky above, the water is painted with a cerulean blue and dashes of salient pink clouds that seem to be dashing through the stream. The sky holds a spectrum of hues, from pastel yellow and pink to pale and deep, luminous blue. Cutting through the sky are strong streaks of striking pink clouds that curve upwards, opening up the scene and making the landscape of sea and sky seem larger than life.

Size: W 54" x H 32"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy :
Jose Jimenez