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Golding Marshland: Tinted with sunlight and fading into fall, the golding grass of the marsh is a striking sight. The shimmering gold tips of the marsh grass leaves you with a warm disposition as you take in the rest of the brightly-colored landscape painting. Iridescent light blue colors the water as it reflects the sky, which gradually grows into a deeper blue hue. The deep green forest beyond the marshland is tinged with light green where the sunlight permeates through the trees. White wisps of clouds float in the sky, solidifying the sunny, clear weather of the day. Each piece of the landscape adds together to form a painting that leaves viewers feeling cheerful and appreciative of a remainder of a sunny, summer day before the season changes fully into fall.

Size: W 30" x H 22"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : ArtSource
Jose Jimenez