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Last Light: The last light of a clear day at the coast offered a well-lit view of a gorgeous green and blue landscape. A bright blue sky swirled with wisps of clouds can be seen floating lazily through the water slipping gently through the fertile, green grass of the marsh. Along the sidelines of the scene, a dense forest guides the viewer’s eyes to a centered focal point of another forest in the distance, just before it opens up into the vast sky. The closing in of the forest as the painting extends mirrors how streams of water within a marsh often taper into the grass of the land. While the last light of day illuminates the center of the painting, slight shadows and darker shades of green and blue can be seen along the outskirts of the canvas, as the evening edges in on the daylight. Such multilayered colors and lighting in the painting reflects the textured patterns of light and color one finds in nature.

Size: W 48" x H 36"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : City Art Gallery
Jose Jimenez