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Midnight Marshland: The moon casts a hazy, yellow-tinted glow, cast horizontally both in the sky and in the marsh water reflection. The lesser light creates a murky yet consistent blue that is matched in the surf and surrounding atmosphere, intensifying to a near cornflower across the horizon. The blue-grey shades of twilight give this painting a calming effect. In addition to the light and color relation of the marshland at midnight, I am fascinated by the drastic rolling of the marsh grass in and out of the waterway. The shape of the landscape is one that shows the complexity of nature. Each angle of the marshland, as the one seen in this painting, shows the viewer a unique pattern of the silhouette of the water sliding between the marsh grass.

Size: W 48" x H 48"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : Studio 91
Jose Jimenez