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Peaceful Sky: Sea and sky reflect the rich, fiery shades of sun in near symmetry in the “Peaceful Sky” painting. Bordered by but a thin blue line of blurred forest background, layers of glowing pink, orange, red and yellow folds of sun emanate from the setting sun. Even the marsh grass seem to burst with orange tips that reflected the intensity of the spreading colors of the sun during that time of evening. Through the intensity of color, one major detail in the painting is the symmetry in not only tincture, but also peaceful elements of nature. The placid lake has not one ripple folded into the waters, nor the serene sky include one cloud. The symmetry enhances the peaceful nature of the painting, as does the nature itself.

Size: W 30" x H 30"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : P & C Art Gallery
Jose Jimenez