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Sliver of light: The orange, fiery sun burns blurry with but a sliver of light left to light the day. Heat waves revel in the sky and ripples are illuminated in the water surrounding the suspended sphere of light. To portray the lighting of the landscape within the painting, I selected and mixed several shades of purple, burgundy, plum, lilac and more. As an artist, I was once again amazed at the spectrum of color that occurs naturally outdoors. Each moment of the day brings with it a unique lighting, whose hues and shadows may never be quite the same again. It feels fitting to paint a strong array of colors on top of strong contrasts between layers of nature – marshland to inlet, inlet to marshland, marshland to more solid ground, forests and mountains, and finally land to sky with a setting sun. The layers of land and coloring provide this painting with a stronghold among its inherent contrasts.

Size: W 40" x H 30"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
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Jose Jimenez