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Twilight Tranquility: A cloudless, unruffled sky sets a backdrop for “Twilight Tranquility” as its blue sky border lightens into pastel yellows and pinks. The blurred layers of forests in the distance contrast from the sharpened shapes of blades of marsh grass and pools of water flowing amongst them. I painted “Twilight Tranquility” in the very early evening so that the lighting would bring out a certain quality of color from the landscape. The absence of glare from a midday sun in the painting deepens the colors of nature into a green that is restful on the eyes and the most serene shade of blue. Such a painting portrays the peacefulness and comfort of nature within a marsh landscape at twilight.

Size: W 40" x H 30"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Where to buy : City Art Gallery
Jose Jimenez